Meet our Sponsor - Lysol

Since 1889, Lysol has been striving to help families live healthier. Over the decades, we’ve improved and refined our products for homes, schools, and facilities around the world. Lysol is the proud sponsor of Baby Makes 3.

Kids Learn Critical Life Skills Through Play

Making a Keepsake for Baby

Before the baby arrives, couples are encouraged to make a special gift for their baby.  Amber and Mat have chosen to make a piece of pottery, and we visit a local pottery studio to help them do that.

Baby Proofing the Home

Our safety expert Kimberlee Mitchell shares tips on how to keep baby out of harm’s way.

Now Playing: Baby Makes 3

Now playing, a new home improvement show on Public Television. Baby Makes 3. When a couple becomes a family, everything changes.

Newfound Confidence with Baby Makes 3

Jenn and Levaughn discuss their newfound DIY confidence before seeing the finished nursery.