Episodes from Season One

Episodes 1 & 2
Jenn and LeVaughn
Jenn and LeVaughn plan on staying in their current home long term. With a baby on the way, they'll need a nursery design their baby won't outgrow too soon. Working in a royal theme, Baby Makes 3 creates an elegant nursery fit for a queen. 
Episodes 3 & 4
Alex and Aaron
As Alex and Aaron get ready for their new baby, they are considering both the need for a dual income, home office for her, and child care for baby. Their nursery will flow from room to room, including space at the grandparent's and in the home office. With a baby "on the go" around the house, we'll be paying close attention to safety.
Episodes 5 & 6
Amber and Mat
Amber and Mat married in their thirties, but the idea of children faded behind them until a surprise pregnancy, home makeover of their two-bedroom bungalow became a necessity. We take their bungalow for two and welcome baby home to a spacious and lively space.
Episodes 7 & 8
Tracy and Bradley
Tracy and Bradley have made community involvement and care for the environment part of their lifestyle. Our couple wants to create an eco-friendly, learning space for baby. With special attention to all-natural products and materials, the Baby Makes 3 team build a sustainable and safe nursery.
Episodes 9 & 10
Anna and Joe
Anna and Joe bring their sense of style to their two-bedroom home, where they've brought the outside indoors. We take them through the design process, offering ideas with outdoor themes–a reclaimed wood accent wall, a play tent for baby, log round message boards, and more.